This area has been changed for ease of access to the information on this subject. This page is written after the event, so to speak, but the other pages are the information we originally had on the site.

As there is a lot of detail in some of the information and opinions about the consultation procedure, we have split this issue into three pages. The opinions are our own – others will no doubt have different experiences of meetings etc – we would be happy to hear from anyone as to their own views. We know many parents are/were in favour of a two tier system and it is unfortunate that the arguments seemed at times to turn into an “us and them” situation which stifled free debate on the issue. We feel the council encouraged this by claiming there would be no money for a three tier system and by setting schools and their governing bodies at loggerheads. The staff in the middle schools must at times have felt totally deserted by their colleagues in the first and high schools.