Why academisation is not the answer

The UK Government will reorganise all schools into academy chains. There is no evidence to suggest this will bring improvements to children’s education. The Local Authority model is very successful. Please see the points below.

  • Money currently given to local authorities will be redirected to academy chains (Funding will start to be removed in 2016/17). To do this, the government will remove the 1998 Education Act .
  • The best performing schools are Local Authority funded community, voluntary aided and foundation schools. (41% of secondary schools and 82% of primary schools in England are not academies.)
  • The most efficient means of providing services for schools is through Local Authorities.
  • There is no evidence that forcing a school to be an academy improves academic performance.
  • Academies are controlled from Westminster and don’t reflect the needs of local communities.
  • Unregulated pay in academies has been highlighted by Sir Michael Wilshaw (Head of Ofsted) as a “concern”.
  • Academies can be selective and cherry pick pupils.
  • Academies do not have to employ qualified teachers so the quality of teaching and learning can suffer.